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Math Class, 2010

I have wanted to compare 2010 to 2009 since January 1, 2011, except I was caught in a madness of packing and moving out of my old Sunnyside coop. Before I realized what I’d done, my 2010 training logs were stowed away in storage. Only now have I dug them out as I have been unpacking my items into my new home over the past 10 days. When reviewing the numbers from last year versus 2009, don’t forget that I’ve fudged the month of June, when my training log went missing.

Total mileage: 1314.68 (+30.2%)
Total number of workouts: 218* (+14.1%)
Average distance per workout: 6.03 (+14%)

Total posts: 143 (-48.7%)
Total number of views: 42,642 (+13.6%)
Average daily views: (+13.6%)

a love letter
memories of a klutz
i flip out

*220 if you count the two non-running workouts I did. For statistical purposes, I only count the running workouts against average mileage.

It was a little sad flipping through the second half of 2010 as I counted workouts for this post. Those were dark days for me. Glad I’ve filed them in “2010.”

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Math Class, 4.11

Total Mileage: 76.86 (+33.8%)
Total number of workouts: 21, including Pilates (+16.7%)
Average distance per run: 5.12 (-1.5%)

Total posts: 7 (-46.2%)
Total number of views: 3,070 (-2.8%)
Average daily views: 102ish (+1%)

TOP POSTS (based upon number of captions received)
I raced and I will race again (tie)
They race

This month I felt better about the amount of running I was able to do, including an adequate 5k race to set the baseline of my fitness as I gear up for marathon training. I wish I had more time for blogging, but I seem to only be able to do it well if I have insomnia or am at the Poconos house. If anything, April was a month which left me with slight encouragement and plenty of room for improvement.

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Math Class, 3.11

Total Mileage: 57.46 (+53.8%)
Total number of workouts: 18, including Pilates & elliptical (+5.9%)
Average distance per run: 5.22 (+11.8%)

Total posts: 13 (+550%)
Total number of views: 3,157 (+35.7%)
Average daily views: 101ish (+21.7%)

TOP POSTS (based upon number of comments received)
In which TK decides cancer sucks
In which TK reveals her ambitions
In which TK reviews a movie about a not-really-a-runner

March was a good month; birthdays make everything better.

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Math Class, 2.11

Total Mileage: 37.35 (-22.6%)
Total number of workouts: 17, including Pilates & elliptical (+54.5%)
Average distance per run: 4.67 (-11.9%)

Total posts: 2 (-60%)
Total number of views: 2,326 (+3.2%)
Average daily views: 83 (+13.7%)

I miss blogging after every workout, and I hope that once I get more into a regimented training schedule, I will be able to write more often. I also miss running four to five times per week–once the calendar switches to April 1 I will add a fourth day of running to my weekly schedule. Once again, no top posts since I only blogged a pathetic two times. However, those two posts (“Recognition” and “Ambition”) are the top-ranked posts that I’ve written so far in 2011.

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Math Class, 1.11

Tonight I am taking advantage of some quiet time at the Poconos house to catch up on some housekeeping posts I’ve wanted to write.

Total Mileage: 48.27 (-29.8%)
Total number of workouts: 11, including Pilates & ellipitical (-15.4%)
Average distance per run: 5.3 (no change)

Total posts: 3 (-62.5%)
Total number of views: 2,252 (-23.5%)
Average daily views: 73 (-23.2%)

Usually I list my top posts for the month, but since there were only five of them in January, I’m just going to say they are all winners.

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Math Class, 12.10

Total Mileage: 68.76 (-30.6%)
Total number of workouts: 13 (-27.8%)
Average distance per workout: 5.3 (-3.6%)

Total posts: 8 (+100%)
Total number of views: 2955 (-4.1%)
Average daily views: 95ish (-6.5%)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
People Trust My Eyewitness Reporting
You All Twindulge Me

My running numbers are down because I still wasn’t feeling 100% this month after my car accident, so I decided to heed my acupuncturist and reallocate some of my Qi (energy) from running to healing. Lo and behold, dropping down to 3 to 4 days of running a week made a difference, and I am not suffering any residual pain from my car accident anymore.

My blogging numbers increased, but they still aren’t where I’d like them to be. I miss the days when my routine allowed me to blog 4 to 5 days a week; I also miss having lots to write about. (Hopefully this will change once I settle on a few goal races for 2011.)

Early next week, I’ll post a Math Class for all of 2010.

PS, I added a new “Math Class“category.

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Math Class, 11.10

Total mileage: 99.02 (-3.7%)
Total number of workouts: 18 (n/c) 
Average distance per workout: 5.5 (-3.7%)

Total posts: 4 (-75%)
Total number of views: 3,082 (-28.6%)
Average daily views: 102ish (-26%)

Since I only wrote four times, it seems silly to list the “top” three. Instead, I will let you all know that I participated in the NY Running Show, a podcast that focuses specifically on running in the New York City region. It’s a panel show and each week we discuss a topic relevant to our local running scene. You can subscribe, or download specific episodes from iTunes. I was on Episode 7, and I plan on contributing to many more in the future, too.

2000 Cos D'Estournel, we drank it on Thanksgiving

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Math Class, 10.10

I was on a roll the first three weeks of October, setting 2 PRs and running 5 days a week–then I had my car accident. That called things to a screeching halt, literally and figuratively. I ran on 10/26 with MP but was too achy and wiped out to run again. My blogging was more consistent too–in fact, I had my highest single day of traffic, ever, this month.

Total mileage: 102.86 (+83%)
Total number of workouts: 18 (+38.5%)
Average distance per workout: 5.71 (+25%)

Total posts: 16 (+45.5%)
Total number of views: 4,315 (+69.3%)
Average daily views: 139ish (+53%)

The power of love
The meaning of life
The need for speed

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Math Class, 9.10

Once again, personal struggles pushed my stats down for September. However, I ran in three different states this month–Colorado, Massachussets, and New York–and ran with three different people–Brother, MF, and ET. I haven’t run five days in a week since July 11 thru 17; October needs to be the month that I can claim that frequency of training again. On the blog, I had a nice inward bound link from NYCRuns (thanks, Steve!).

Total mileage: 59.45 (-28.9%)
Total number of workouts: 13 (-7%)
Average distance per workout: 4.57 (-23.5%)

Total posts: 11 (+57.1%)
Total number of views: 2,549 (+7.1%)
Average daily views: 91ish (+11%)

A big, um, award
Mile, schmile

Philosophical me

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Math Class, 8.10

August 2010 is giving March 2009 some serious competition to be the champion in the death title match for Shittiest Month of My Life, Ever. Let’s step briefly outside the ring for a moment and take a look at the things that went my way:

  • I set 2 PR’s
  • I found my running journal
  • I survived my 20th high school reunion
  • I spent time with my many dear friends and family
  • I started attending Nike Pacers workouts again, which I love

Now that the inspirational segment is over, let’s review the quantifiables for August (compared to July 2010*):

Total mileage: 83.58 (-39.4%)
Total number of workouts: 14 (-30%)
Average distance per workout: 5.97 (-13.4%)

Total posts: 7 (+16.7%)
Total number of views: 2,549 (-10.8%)
Average daily views: 82ish (-10.8%)

Everyone’s a critic
The second surprise
The first surprise

*If I were to compare the stats of the dueling months (August ’10 and March ’09), it would be a draw –174.67 miles ran in 19 days for an average workout of 9.19 miles, yet with only 2,545 views on 14 posts–but they aren’t just duking it out on miles and posts alone. Remember this?

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