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Sammy Wanjiru, while he was a braggart, treated his wife poorly, and perhaps assaulted those in his service, he still was an amazing runner and inspired many of us regular folks in our own training… Sammy’s performance in the marathon at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 was an amazing, splashy arrival of a formidable talent. I am sad that I won’t be ale to see how much he could have achieved on the roads…. The New York Timese quoted Haile Gebrselassie’s tweetsabout Sammy’s fatal fall. Even though Sammy publicly stated he was going after the world record, Haile was respectful and sorrowful to hear of Sammy’s death…. I was just wrapping up the most recent episode of the New York Running Show when news about Sammy’s death broke. Now the show seems silly, but at the time we had a great conversation about the Forest Park 4 Mile Classic… Still thinking about elite runners, I thought I’d let it drop that I am attending the adidas Grand Prix IAAF Diamond League Track Meet as an accredited member of the press corps! Thank you NYCRUNS for helping me to get credentials… last weekend while I was in Colorado I bought myself a ticket package to attend the U.S. Olympic Trials for Track and Field at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. Now you all know where I’ll be the last two weeks of June, 2012… My ex-husband still occasionally sends me links to interesting bits of running news. Most recently he shared this inspiring story, and these song lyrics (which I would like to dedicated to Sammy)… <off-topic> One recent evening I came home and my roommate was playing “Lake Street Dive” by Lake Street Dive, and I instantly fell head over heels in love with the singer’s jazzy, jaded voice and the band’s fantastic melodies glued together with sweet, swirly notes on a Leslie organ. You all should check them out…. Running by swank hotels always gets my thoughts, er, racing, and this one, with its rooftop bar and glowing, supine decor tempts me to put on my fancy heels and show up for a cocktail… </off-topic>

You can do a lot in a lifetime
If you don’t burn out too fast
You can make the most of the distance
First you need endurance
First you’ve got to last…
–“Marathon” by Rush

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