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I loved it so much, I boldly asked for more.

I’m in town with my family for Thanksgiving, which adds a whole pool of gravy atop my pile of mashed potato gratitude. I suppose you could say that these two runs through Doudy Draw Trail and around El Dorado Springs are the cranberry dressing on my plate of things to be grateful for this year.

Tuesday, I met Green Mountain Relay teammate and host of the podcast Dump Runners Club @runnermatt (MT) and Twitter pal and Saturday Morning Zen blogger @smzrunner (LR) in the lobby of my hotel here in Louisville, CO for a 7-miler through the foothills. LR, a self-proclaimed trail runner, led MT and I up a few miles of climbing, cutting across grassy, yellow hills and through an aromatic pine forest. The trail was that dusty red color I always associate with Colorado, ever since I saw my first concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in July 1998. The sky was the Platonic ideal of a sky: light blue with white clouds that cast no shadows. The pines stood green, the deer hopped brown, the flatirons and rocky walls rose rusty and silvery. Nature was doing her part; and I did my best to do mine. The altitude made the climb tough for me, but I hung in there and we paused several times so I caught my breath while catching glimpses of “the pretty,” as LR so cutely calls the casually gorgeous landscape of Boulder County.

MT told me about racing a 5k dressed as a gorilla with his daughter, about his work (he’s one of the few people I know who truly loves his profession), and about his plan for Thanksgiving (cherry pie). LR told me about her two children, her profession (career counselor), and her quest to train for her first marathon while managing multiple food intolerances and GI issues. I didn’t do much talking, as I was breathing very hard throughout most of the run. I was content to listen, or to just run by myself. The scenery was such a  switch from what I run through every day in New York City, it was impossible for me to take it all in on just this first run. Often, I regretted not having my camera.

So when LR tweeted that she’d be open to squeezing in another run with me before I left town, I jumped at the chance and asked her to go back to Doudy Draw. I think she was a little surprised; I was thankful she was willing to head back there with me, and could accommodate me in her schedule. And, I was happy to  have some one-on-one time to talk with her, since we have each been through a year of big life changes and could relate to each other. Other things we have in common: we’re both the same age, and in fact our birthdays are only six days apart! I enjoyed her company very much, and felt at ease with her right away (this week was the first time we ever met in person). Once again, Twitter has brought an excellent person into my life! Love when that happens.

What follows are some of the photos I took during that second run up Doudy Draw Trail, through El Dorado Springs, and down El Dorado Springs Drive. I’ll be back to run this trail again, for sure!

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