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More positive reviews for A Race Like No Other, including the New York Post, Penthouse (Penthouse?!), Gelf, and the Roanoke Times….. My financial planner was profiled on the front page of the New York Times today… Top-notch dinner companion Mike has posted a new column on his blog Mikeroscopic, proving that it’s never too late to say something profound and literary about the Sex Pistols… JM sucessfully ran the Chicago marathon (yes I just stalked her results online) Yay Murph, could you feel me shooting you good running vibes from Mile 11 of my half today?!.. Among the elites, Lydia Grigoryeva won it, and Constantina came in fourth (Hansons-Brooks Distance Project star Desiree Davila came in right behind her!)…  Stay tuned on how this will affect the standings of the World Marathon Majors, if at all… and just a quick tease for you all, EN ran with me to another PR in the half-marathon distance this morning in Staten Island, with a chip time of 1:48:50 (that’s an 8:18 pace!). I’d like to thank my Adidas racing flats, little G, LM’s white lasagna from Friday evening, and EN (even though I had to urge you on this time through the final miles). Full report to come once I’ve stretched, rehydrated and napped.

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Tomorrow I will have a moment to take my disposable camera (the one I had to buy when my own camera’s battery died after the first lap of the Trials) in for digital developing.  Tomorrow night I’ll post many more photos (hopefully close-ups); but for now, hopefully these three will suffice.

Passing Exeter Street in the first lap.  Left to right, the soon-to-be named Women’s Olympic Marathon Team: nn the white tee-shirt and sunglasses, #43 Magdalena Lewy Boulet; to her right, #17 Blake Russell in black; and to her right, #1 Deena Kastor in her white cap and blue top.  See dark-haired Desiree Davila in her Hansons-Brooks Distance Project singlet?  She ran in fourth place for much of the latter part of the race until she fell back to finish 13th somewhere within the last four miles. No doubt we’ll see her back here in 2012.

Same lap, different view of the pack. These were the women who inspired me, as I imagined what a complete thrill, and fulfillment of a dream, to have a chance to try out for the Olympics. See that woman in the black singlet, black shorts, and bib number on her butt? Everytime she ran past us, she had a smile on her face, even though she was always one of the last few runners.  When we cheered for her, she’d break out in an even bigger grin.  I think it’s Kim Pawelek (who’s been here before), but I can’t remember exactly which place she finished (third-to-last or second-to-last). See, this is where my romanticizing of the sport comes in, who knows what these women were really thinking or feeling that day. Maybe they were like, Oy, enough already. When is this thing gonna be over? Deena Schmeena!

Hydration Station. Nutrition Junction.  Call it what you will, each lady had their own fuel set up by number on Comm Ave.


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Apparently Hansons-Brooks Distance Project athletes are now blogging on FloTrack.  Yes, I am embarassed I hadn’t caught that, especially since I am a fan of the site, even though I drop by mainly for their videos. (Thank you Meredith Han.)

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I wonder if this Athlete Blog, posted on the Brooks Running website, was just to cover the exciting period around the Fall marathon season, and the Olympic Trials in Central Park.  There hasn’t been a new post since 12/30.  Would love a few updates from the Hansons-Brooks guys.

Of course, their own website is a good place to keep tabs on the team.  Love that they still have Brian Sell wrapped in the flag after his Olympic Trials race on the homepage.  I’m a week late, but would like to extend my congratulations to Brian Sell for winning the ING Miami Half Marathon (and setting a course record) this year.  I wonder which full marathon he will run as his Olympic Tune Up.

I tried to find a video of Brian during that race, but had no luck.  I did notice though that Runner’s World posted a chat with my hero, Kara Goucher.    She had an incredible 2007, taking a bronze medal at the world championships and winning her half-marathon debut, beating out Paula Radcliffe.  And, she just won the Women’s Mile at the Millrose Games on Friday.  What’s so remarkable about this interview with Kara is that she can barely keep a lid on her excitement at what’s to come.  She’s looking towards the Olympics, she’s getting a good long look at her potential and it’s inspiring to me to read.

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