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Yabba dabba, peeps.  Happy Easter!  I am feeling a little jagged today — moments of peaceful bliss erratically alternate with expansive pools of bitterness & weepy self-pity.  Do you think it’s because I didn’t give up chocolate for Lent?

I’d just like to mention for the record that the Athleta’s Summer Preview catalog is superior in its selection.  I could drop five hunnerd, easy, on sandals, running togs and enticingly-offered bikini separates.  Enticing because they list a top size that approximates my [boob] size on the back cover… I wonder if I should order it to try on?  This always happens. I order it, getting my hopes up. It arrives, and when I slither into the top only to verify that it is in fact, too small for my chest, I am crushed.  It’s a reassuringly predictable form of masochism, as I always end up feeling like a freak of nature, unloved and unnoticed by swimwear designers (clearly, the ONLY people on earth who haven’t yet noticed how large my tits are, since finding a bikini that covers & supports both my breasts & my fragile ego is harder than throwing Frodo’s Ring into the fires of Mordor).

So sweet sweet Husband got me an iPod Nno for my birthday (people take note for future: that would have been on MARCH 25TH).  Anyway.  Because, for the last three weeks, my job has been as demanding as a newborn infant who insists on eating, pooping and crying every two hours, I hadn’t had a chance to load up the iPod & get it rolling until Friday/Saturday.  But let me tell you, that Nano is just about the lightest gadget out there.  Nice.  So, I upgraded my iTunes, downloaded Kenny Chesney’s “Beer in Mexico,” (love that song, am developing a lamentable yet abiding affection for country music), installed the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, and took off running yesterday afternoon.

Oh joy! What a gift, to have my music following me around on my run.  Listen! It’s Lenny Kravitz, and Led Zeppelin, Marisa Monte, and Matthew Sweet, all crooning encouragingly in my ear as I trot through Sunnyside.  I’ve been without an iPod for almost a whole year, as my last one drowned when I got stuck in a torrential downpour during a run in Pennsylvania.  I did all my marathon training without a portable music system, and it worked out alright.  It gave me much-needed opportunities for reflection, and as a result I built a pocket of peace for myself during a somewhat tumultous time.  But now, having my tunes back, tumbling through my head as I commute, grocery shop, RUN — well, it’s something special.  I am being reintroduced (by my Nano’s Shuffle function) of all these gems of songs that tie me together, lift me up, blow me down, shake me loose, kick my butt, twist me around, tickle out a giggle or wring me out.   The songs aren’t new, but the experience of them coming back to me after almost a year hiatus is new, and it pleases me immensely.

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