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Hiya, 4 AM and I’m blogging to settle my troubled mind… On Sunday, May 1st I’m once again one of the hosts of the Team Fox Young Professionals Sunday Funday Brunch, a fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Disease. Brunch is at Aspen Social Club in midtown Manhattan, and it starts at noon. The ticket includes an open bar and buffet, and we’re also having a live auction. If you aren’t running the New Jersey Marathon that day, please come and hang out with me for this worthy cause–buy a ticket! (or just make a donation)…  Caution, Pretension Ahead! A new novel by my favorite contemporary Italian writer has just been released in English. I am looking forward to the day when I actually have time to read it… Lately, Italy has been whispering “Remember me, your first love?” in my ear over and over. Small temptations keep darting my way, from the country I used to visit twice a year. Here’s another… Canadian businessman Mike Shanks interviewed Malcom Gladwell in New York a while back about his running. I like how he manages to ask Malcolm some questions that take him by surprise. And then afterwards they went for a run!… This article in Psychology Today asserts that ultrarunners aren’t really crazy, but when I read about how they train and adapt to the demands of running for 100 miles–it sure sounds like crazy to me. Some runners I know who run ultras even call themselves crazy! For me, 26.2 is quite far enough, but I am always interested to hear what inspires others to move on to ultras…

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