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Day 4 of 7 in the Blogging My Birthday Week Series

I have mentioned before, but not very often, that I am one of the semi-regular personalities on a local running podcast called the NY Running Show. Each week a bunch of opinionated runners of all ages and speeds get together to discuss what’s gone on in pro and amateur racing in our preferred city. Last Sunday, we discussed the New York City Half-Marathon, and I gave the verbal report of what you’ve already read here. I hope you subscribe to our long-winded but charming podcast!…. Chris McDougall commented on my blog when his book Born to Run first came out, and now he’s responded to a comment JG of Run Westchester posted in response to McDougall’s NYTimes.com online feature about how trail runners who don’t have a training schedule are more virtuous than road runners who like to log their miles. Or something like that…. If you are in NYC on Sunday May 1, please support my efforts along with the other members of the Team Fox Young Professionals to help fund the research for a cure to Parkinson’s Disease. We are holding a Sunday Funday brunch at Aspen in Midtown. Tickets for open bar & brunch buffet are only $42 if you order now, and we’ll have fun raffles & live music, too…. On March 31, I’ll be going to see this documentary about some crazy person’s quest to run 75 marathons in 75 days. It’s called My Run, and I’ll be at the AMC 25 theater in Times Square, 7 PM showing. Who’s in?… My next race is April 17 in Boston. No, not the marathon (not yet, anyway). This is the 5k, the day before…. Two pieces of bad news about my beloved Queens. 1) the libraries have stopped buying new books due to budget cuts, and 2) the vote went through today to name my bridge after Ed Koch. Oh, the indignity…. On the up side, it still is a delight to run down off the 59th Street Bridge into Queens through this clean and pretty plaza. They just finished the construction on the Manhattan pedestrian approach, too… By now you must be dying to know, Why oh why are these ellipses for my glutes? because last night’s Pilates class literally kicked my butt, and my posterior has been pained all day long. I’m hoping that if I dedicate this blog post to them, my glutes will stop their whining… And lastly, I tried this eating plan for a month–basically cut out all sugar from my diet–and I didn’t lose a single pound. This means I am still too plump to fit into the dress I wanted to wear for my party tonight. Here’s a picture of me in the dress back in July, when I was about 10 pounds lighter, but also still married.

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NY Running Show

People, I have finally found my cyberniche. Forget blogging, forget tweeting. I want to be an internet radio star! I discovered a forum where I can ramble on and on about all my favorite places to run in New York City, the random running tips that occur to me as I go through my training, and the pet peeves I may have towards the New York Road Runners. That’s right, I am one of the personalities on the New York Running Show, recorded live through TalkShoe.com every Sunday at 8 PM. (I say “one of the personalities” because I don’t want to make the other panelists feel bad, but really: I’m the main attraction.) Imagine The View, except on the radio, with a group of 4 to 8 runners talking only about NYC-area running and racing, Another difference between The View and the NY Running Show is that we are not obnoxious, we don’t have coifs, we don’t have celebrity guests, and we are probably dressed in our sweats when we broadcast.

Some of the recent topics we have addressed on the show include theorizing about what a second New York City Marathon would be like (the course, the time of year), tips for running outdoors during NYC winter, and a “NYRR suggestion box” episode. My co-panelists include some of my favorite runners, like Joe, Julie, Amy and Brenn. On any given episode, we offer a wide range of opinions, experience, and knowledge of routes to run in different parts of the city and environs. Each podcast lasts about an hour (despite my lobbying to keep it closer to 30 minutes) because we all like to get our two cents in.  Joe spearheaded the show, and he organizes us each week by setting the topic and getting the episode up on iTunes (which means you can subscribe and automatically download our bon mots every week).

I hope you will download a sample episode, and get to know us. Upcoming topics include brainstomring tweaks to the club system, training with a store group, and the role of social media in the NYC running community.

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