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I’ve been warned not to get my hopes up, but GMR teammate JD is blogging over at Runner’s World online. Check out his post about Facebook, it made me laugh out loud (I am an adamant Facebook abstainer)… Poet, children’s book author and cool Atlantan lady LS has a poem up at Starting Today (poems for the first 100 days of the Obama administration). The politically-minded of you may wish to check it….  Husband has always been a clipper. Even when we were dating he’d mail me newspaper articles about places he wanted to take me or things he thought would make me laugh. Now he clips articles about running and leaves them around the apartment for me to find, like this one about Rose Kosgei (who came in third last year at the Fifth Avenue Mile), or this one about a barefoot runner… Valentine’s Day is a load of bullshit, but I’m spending time with an artist I love on the eve….. I’m not the only blogger who ran the Bronx Half-Marathon this weekend. Read other reports of the race at Live to Run-Run to Live (“this course stinks like a 3-days-gone hooker”), Runner NYC spots her annual dead rat on the course, The Brooklyn Beast cut short his race to accompany a fellow runner tothe hospital (then ran home to Brooklyn), I feel your pain, Cowboy Hazel, but I take comfort in the strong race the Laminator had despite the headwinds that dogged us all…. And lastly, track and field factotum JPM shared this video of Alan Webb’s July 6, 2007 win in Paris at the IAAF Golden League track meet 1500 meter race as evidence towards his point that Webb Is Great, and also as evidence that the Brits are much better at announcing running events than us Yanks (no argument from me on that point)….

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Some of my girlfriends (and some of my guy friends, too) are as psyched as I am by the phrase “Fifth Avenue Mile,” but with one key difference: they’re thinking shopping, and I’m thinking elite runners. Some people get a lot of mileage dropping names of famous celebrities they’ve seen in restaurants, on airplanes, or in Bergdorff’s. I get a lot of mileage remembering (for my own inspiration) stunning performances by the elite runners I’ve seen in races.

First thrill of the day: spotting Ryan Hall casually leaning against a bus stop post on Fifth Avenue, watching his wife Sara Hall warm up before her race. I wanted to go shake his hand so badly but he really looked like he was just trying to chill out and let his wife be the star. I couldn’t resist though grabbing him with my digital camera, that’s him yawning in the gray shirt all the way on the left side of this photo. Sorry, it’s the only one I could get before he disappeared!

Also of note in this picture, the woman in brown taking off her shirt is the third-place finisher who ran out in front for much of the race, Rose Kosgei from Kenya (she normally runs longer-distance races). I’d also like to point out Amy Mortimer (black tank top), as she was the only female runner sporting pigtails. Ultimately she came in 7th (out of 11 runners), but she wins first place for style.

The women in this race were social and chatty pre-race, but their easy way with each other was dropped (as expected) once they toed the line. Below, Olympian Shannon Rowbury, Kosgei and Hall all look very focused. Hall has won this race in the past.

Next are the women all lined up at the start; UK Olympian Lisa Dobrisky is all the way to the left. Also of note in the line up is Olympian Erin Donohue (who I watched compete in the Women’s Invitational 8K this winter); after the race, I saw her hanging out with her mom (she’s from South Jersey), introduced myself and got a photo with Erin. Cool. (No, you can’t see it.)

This is the one photo I was able to snap before the competitors were passed, their ponytails waving at us all as they tore towards the finish line. Cool, right? Am glad I got a closer shot of Dobrisky.  I was able to get right up against the barrier fences, truly no one had stuck around to watch the race at the start; there was a crowd at the finish but I wanted to get candids of the elites and there isn’t as much of a chance once they’re done running.

The final results are pretty amazing, with the top finishers getting close to course records and really racing shoulder-to-shoulder through the final meters. 1-2-3 went to Dobrisky, Rowbury and Kosgei, with Erin finishing fourth and Sara eighth.  Media coverage up at this point includes the Associated Press on USAToday.com, NYRR.org including photos, and FloTrak.org. FloTrak video includes interviews with Dobrisky (this was her first time in New York) and with Rowbury (who shows off her plexiglass plaque), as well as a full tape of the race, with commentary.

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