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Yesterday I was supposed to have material for a JJ post. Supposed to, except that at my scheduled time for my run home, the heavens opened up and it started raining so hard I risked concussion by venturing forth beneath those drops. Since I skipped my run on Sunday, opting to get rest over getting miles (but nevertheless kicking myself for missing out on such a perfect weather day), I was really itching to bust out of the office, preferably at breakneck speeds (which, in my case, would have been like break-little-finger speed). Nope, no dice, the weather dashed those plans. I changed back into my work clothes and commuted home like any other donut-eating mortal, except without the pleasure of having had my donut.

So today, come hell or high water, I was running home. 31:58 fo the 3.5 miles over the bridge. It was gorgeous–a light breeze, a soft light filtering through the evening sky. I saw a lot of runners out; there was almost a collision with a mess of bikers on the way over the bridge. I ran in my orthodics for the first time, felt kind of weird, I may need to get the next size up in my sneaker, but all in all I think they’ll work out for me. It was, as my British boss would say, “absolutely brilliant” to be out there.

I was starting to get anxious about the Green Mountain Relay this weekend, but being out there on a familiar route with a consistent time put me a little bit at ease.  I think once I get all packed up tomorrow, I’ll feel more prepared and won’t be as preoccupied with the event.  On second thought, I’ll just state my two main fears right now in the hopes of banishing them.

  1. I’m afraid of injuring myself just as I’m about to start training for NYC.
  2. I’m afraid of letting my teammates down by being slow and/or cranky.

More on this relay later, but I’m going to try and blog from the van, if at all possible. At the very least I’ll be taking notes for later; I’m also hoping to bring a Flip camera and a digital recorder. Having never met my teammates before (yes, I am that crazy), we’ll see how well those devices go over once we’ve all ran two legs of our circuits and haven’t slept or showered in 24 hours.

A cool thing I’d like to point out (to those of you who have read this far down in my post, thankyouverymuch), is that my first ever audio file submission as been included in the most recent episode of The Extra Mile Podcast. It’s kind of long — like six minutes — but I basically give a guided tour of my run home from work, past the landmarks, tourist attractions, over the bridge and into my neighborhood. Click here to read about TEM #24, and download it for free to your itunes, computer, or MP3 player.

Another podcast, RT Radio, usually has great interviews with elite runners, masters runners, and well-known coaches. However, I haven’t listened in a while since the feed to my itunes was somehow broken. In trying to get it fixed, I emailed their webmaster, and who replied back to me, but Katie Wolpert. Okay am sure this name means not much to most of you, but I knew it right away. Katie wrote a fabulous race report in the most recent Running Times, about the Momument Avenue 10k in Richmond, VA. (I would link to it except it’s not up on their site yet. You can click here to hear the related podcast, which I can’t download.) I was totally psyched to hear from her; it almost made up for missing out on a few episodes of The Lear Chronicles.

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