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Many thanks to Joe Garland for inviting me to participate in this week’s Runners Round Table podcast. It was a feel-good moment to sneak out of work for an hour to talk about my participation in the Green Mountain Relay. Joe led a great conversation, with the race’s director, Paul, acting as special guest, and Teri from RunningRelays.com chiming in with her ten years of experience. You can download the episode from iTunes… GOOD LUCK TO MY GIRL DT (the bachelorette, the dart-thrower) AS SHE COMPETES IN THE ZURICH IRONMAN THIS WEEKEND… Would you trade your abilities to read a map, follow multiple tracks of thought at once, and get yourself organized if it meant you could run for days at a time? (Thanks Husband for that link)…. I lived and loved here for seven months when I was in college… Time to exercise your brain: the fancy-dressing, gallant and insightful Mike has had a few more book reviews published.  Please oh please go see what he has to say about contemporary literature —I’m Down plus a wry recap of a handful of short story collections, and John Cheever’s biography… and I must once again point out that my dearest’s memoir, Not that Kind of Girl, is on sale July 27th. It’s nothing to do with running, though I do have a cameo appearance on a page or two. It is nearly as delightful as CB is herself. Please pre-order it at Powells.com. For me?… Special thanks to said authoress for sharing with me this literary porn video of the velvety rugged Dominic West (Jimmy McNulty from The Wire) reading a passage from Pride and Prejudice. Truly, though? With that gravely voice and English accent, his wide brown eyes gazing at me from across the top of his book–he could be reading a legal brief and my heart would still beat fervently.

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Tuesday was the second meet-up of our burgeoning clutch of New York City area folks who run, and then blog or podcast about it. Once again, some interesting and well-mannered examples of the species gathered to connect over beers and appetizers. We met at Blackfinn, and took over the platform by the window. There were some returning bloggers, and some new names as well. In attendance (name, blog, Twitter handle):

So, dear readers, please do take a moment to click-thru and check out these blogs and podcasts. They are all fabulous people and dedicated runners, with a lot of inspiration and advice to share for other athletes.

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So, today at 4 PM EST I will be a guest on The Runners Round Table, a weekly podcast in which “runners from around the world share tips, tell stories, and keep each other motivated.” This week, the theme is long-distance relays, and my friend Joe Garland has invited me to sit at the table, so to speak, to share my experiences. I also roped in the race director of the Green Mountain Relay and Wild West Relay, Paul Vanderheiden, to sit at the table as well.

CLICK HERE at 4 PM to listen to me run my mouth off (for a refreshing change).

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