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Dinner with John. Craftbar

After 30 minutes of acupuncture which left my right hamstring throbbing, I limped four blocks east and met an old friend (who, very conveniently for me, is also my best friend‘s boyfriend) for dinner. Jay Dub, as I like to call him, writes the blog A Special Way of Being Afraid, and is the dude I stole the Elipses post idea from.

He greeted me with, “You look skinnier than usual.” Smart boy. We then proceeded to laugh our entire way through the meal, so that by the end he had me holding my stomach and wiping a tear from my eye. Ever the gentleman, he let me bully him out of half his salad, and point out that his pasta looked like mealworms. I cooed over photos of his adorable nephew, and he assumed an appropriately stricken look when I told him about the distances I’ve been running.

…..Alan Culpepper and his wife will open SolePepper, a running shop in Louisville, CO, the next town over from my brother, this October. I’m so going there when I’m in Colorado this November. Maybe Matt will check it out for the rest of us, and post a report on the DRC? RunColo also has an opinion about the shop…. In this post a few months ago I bravely threw down the gauntlet, and I am happy to report that I’ve successfully transposed the last two digits as of yesterday’s weight-in. Now I have to go buy all new clothes…. Running Times magazine is now reviewing books, and thank god for that. They panned The Runner, and totally called out author David Samuels for general ignorance about the sport. Thank you, RT, for saving me $20 and 5 hours of my life….. and, last but not least, faithful commenter EN sent in a dispatch from Eastern Europe, for which I owe him a beer:

I was 4 miles into a 12 miler today when i found out nike was doing a 1/2 marathon that day in budapest.  i had no money on me so i’d have to bandit but i thought of you and chose not to do it.  instead i ran my 12 miles and cheered for everyone as i ran the other way.

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Yesterday I was supposed to have material for a JJ post. Supposed to, except that at my scheduled time for my run home, the heavens opened up and it started raining so hard I risked concussion by venturing forth beneath those drops. Since I skipped my run on Sunday, opting to get rest over getting miles (but nevertheless kicking myself for missing out on such a perfect weather day), I was really itching to bust out of the office, preferably at breakneck speeds (which, in my case, would have been like break-little-finger speed). Nope, no dice, the weather dashed those plans. I changed back into my work clothes and commuted home like any other donut-eating mortal, except without the pleasure of having had my donut.

So today, come hell or high water, I was running home. 31:58 fo the 3.5 miles over the bridge. It was gorgeous–a light breeze, a soft light filtering through the evening sky. I saw a lot of runners out; there was almost a collision with a mess of bikers on the way over the bridge. I ran in my orthodics for the first time, felt kind of weird, I may need to get the next size up in my sneaker, but all in all I think they’ll work out for me. It was, as my British boss would say, “absolutely brilliant” to be out there.

I was starting to get anxious about the Green Mountain Relay this weekend, but being out there on a familiar route with a consistent time put me a little bit at ease.  I think once I get all packed up tomorrow, I’ll feel more prepared and won’t be as preoccupied with the event.  On second thought, I’ll just state my two main fears right now in the hopes of banishing them.

  1. I’m afraid of injuring myself just as I’m about to start training for NYC.
  2. I’m afraid of letting my teammates down by being slow and/or cranky.

More on this relay later, but I’m going to try and blog from the van, if at all possible. At the very least I’ll be taking notes for later; I’m also hoping to bring a Flip camera and a digital recorder. Having never met my teammates before (yes, I am that crazy), we’ll see how well those devices go over once we’ve all ran two legs of our circuits and haven’t slept or showered in 24 hours.

A cool thing I’d like to point out (to those of you who have read this far down in my post, thankyouverymuch), is that my first ever audio file submission as been included in the most recent episode of The Extra Mile Podcast. It’s kind of long — like six minutes — but I basically give a guided tour of my run home from work, past the landmarks, tourist attractions, over the bridge and into my neighborhood. Click here to read about TEM #24, and download it for free to your itunes, computer, or MP3 player.

Another podcast, RT Radio, usually has great interviews with elite runners, masters runners, and well-known coaches. However, I haven’t listened in a while since the feed to my itunes was somehow broken. In trying to get it fixed, I emailed their webmaster, and who replied back to me, but Katie Wolpert. Okay am sure this name means not much to most of you, but I knew it right away. Katie wrote a fabulous race report in the most recent Running Times, about the Momument Avenue 10k in Richmond, VA. (I would link to it except it’s not up on their site yet. You can click here to hear the related podcast, which I can’t download.) I was totally psyched to hear from her; it almost made up for missing out on a few episodes of The Lear Chronicles.

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Sweetness.  $136 later, I am officially registered for the ING New York City Marathon.  The message that came up after I clicked “submit” read:

You have a confirmed spot in the 2008 ING New York City Marathon!

Exclamation point, indeed.  I’ll let the NYRR’s lift it up, since after all my striving to guarantee my entry to this race, now that no one can refute me my rightful place on Staten Island on November 2, 2008, all I can think is: since that’s done, may I go to bed now?

Normally, I’d be much more energetic in my excitement over this unimpeachable, indubitable, undeniable notice of my participation in this race.  But, I am completely wiped out. Flattened with exhaustion, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise.  No running since Sunday, you see, and a grim amount of working over the past three days (30 hours, to be exact*).  It’s nearing 8pm, and I could lay down on my bed and sleep straight through till dawn. I’m not complaining. Nope, none of that here. But, every time I find myself in this situation (i.e. flattened), and I opt to “take it easy” because I’m feeling depleted, and not go for that scheduled run, I end up exponentially tired.  I know better; I know the costs to myself, those around me, and the quality of work I produce when I neglect my basic self-care trinity.

I did have enough energy to celebrate when my April issue of Running Times showed up earlier this week. My hero Kara Goucher is on the cover, and half the issue is dedicated to the Women’s Marathon Olympic Trials.  I delicately set my RT aside to read when I could savor it, but  I broke down this morning and toted it with me during my commute.  Straight to Kara’s profile, but lo!  Oh thrilling discovery!  RT flopped open to a Brian Sell centerfold!  (I swear I read this magazine for the articles.) A double-sided poster, one side him gritting it out on the course, the other him jubilantly wrapped in the flag at the finish.  Exclaimed out loud with joy and amusement, right there on the 7 train, with all sorts of cranky worker bees around me.  My outburst was loud enough that I even startled the droopy-eyed ipoder two bodies over. Brian Sell and Kara Goucher? Too much for me to handle before my morning cuppa.

The remaining ten minutes of my commute were hijacked by thoughts of Brian.  Did he get to approve the photos beforehand?  Was he amused by the centerfold?  Did his agent insist on it? (No, that doesn’t sound right.)  Got to work, tons of work, but was compelled to google Brian.  Most of what came up was timed around the Trials, like this post about how he went to work two days after his marathon. Refreshing, that. Someone else is set upon with tasks the second they arrive at work.  (I had tasks too but decided to scuttle them for five minutes so I could google lovely Brian. *Must adjust hours worked to 29 hours 55 minutes.)

Foot update: Toenail still black.  Right arch still sprained but feeling less achey today.  Need to apply The Stick to right calf.

Off to walk dog. Then to bed. Sweetness.

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