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While I was in Florida for the Disney World Marathon earlier this month, I had plenty of time to thin about what kind of goals I would set for my running self in 2008.  A few of these were ostensibly fine-tuned while I was actually running the marathon, even though by mile 22 I was convinced the only goal I needed for the whole year was to just cross the current, most iniment finish line.  Without further ado, my goals for 2008.  (Never say I’m not willing to put myself on the line.)

1. Complete the New York Road Runner’s Half-Marathon Grand Prix.  The first half I ever ran was Staten Island in 2006, and it was a revelation for me, an exercise in faith-building, almost.  Ever since then, I’ve always been game for any half offered by the NYRR’s but never really made the time for them, nor did I maintain the mileage base necessary to run so many in one year.  But, I can feel it, it’s gonna happen in oh-eight. Hey — I’m already one-fifth of the way there!

 2. Run a sub-2-hour half-marathon.  I’ve run the distance in 2:11 during one of my long training runs for the Disney World Marathon, so I believe a sub-2-hour half is within my grasp, but I’ll definitely have to work at it (and pick the right race).  I’m seriously thinking about trying out the adapted Ryan Hall training program that Runner’s World published in 2007.  More on this in future posts.

3. Maintain a mileage base of 8 miles.  By which I mean, on any given Saturday, I can go out and run 8 miles and have that be my minimum long run distance. So far, I’ve been in marathon recovery so I haven’t held myself to this goal, but I suppose I’ll start this weekend (in the Poconos, no less).

4. Finish the ING New York City Marathon under 4:30.  Exactly how much under will be sorted out later in the year once I can see how much my speed & strength improves over the next six months, but I am pretty confident I can shave another 6 minutes off my marathon time, even with the more challenging NYC course.

5. Qualify for the 2009 NYC Marathon.  I should have no problem getting in my 9 NYRR races again this year. 

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