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I have noticed a somewhat disturbing-yet-still-giving-me-hope-for-the-future kind of trend on this blog: the posts about the eldery get the most traffic.  I’m not kidding.  The post about my 92-year old Nana is my second-most popular.  The post about the 101-year old limey marathoner–more comments than usual.  Now, news about athletes who could technically be parents of masters athletes catches my eye.  Thus, I would like to post the kudos to another aged athlete out there who is winning his age group (albeit in another sport).

One of my industry’s daily newsletters, Shelf Awareness, featured this capsule in its contents today:

Congratulations to Stanley R. Greenfield, owner and founder of …[blah blah blah–PF]…. Stanley recently won third place in the U.S. Squash Racquets Association’s national championship in the 80+ division!

Stanley R. Greenfield, an inspiration to all of us laggardly whippersnappers.  Sarcasm aside, my girl Sarah actually may soon win her age group — at her current 20-something age.  Oh yes, it’s true: read her race report and find out what she can do (even after a few beers the night before.  Ah, youth.).

Me, no hopes of winning my age group, unless I’m running a race where I happen to be the only competitor in my age group. Fat chance of that happening in New York City.  But yet, I press on, signing up for races willy-nilly, unable to resist the lure of running with the sweaty, grunting pack (or, depending on the event, behind the sweaty, grunting pack). If you look to my Upcoming Races sidebar over there on the right, you’ll see I’ve signed up for this year’s New York City JP Morgan/Chase Corporate Challenge.  As if my daily 8-6 grind isn’t corporately challenging enough, as if I don’t already spend 10 hours a day chasing deadlines, materials, projects.  I’ve had to go and add the (admittedly delicious) pressure of appearing in shorts, singlet and pigtails in front of my (mostly likely speedier & skinnier) company breatheren. At least I have three months to train.

And, just to tie up the loose ends, I am still in for the Brooklyn Half, even though they’ve gone & moved it back a week on me.  Now my next 13.1-mile gasp will be on May 3rd. 

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