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Some of you may have heard of this book, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Famous & Obscure Writers. It is exactly what it says it is, and the memoirs are hilarious, poignant, universal and quixotically specific. I don’t own the book, I just enjoy watching the video (embedded below). When I am supremely bored (read: in a meeting), I write my own six-word memoirs, coming at my life from all different angles. Today, I had to sit through two back-to-back BS sessions that had me wishing I’d develop stigmata, Tourette’s Syndrome, or maybe a  left elbow that popped everytime I bent it–something, anything to amuse me and those around me. I finally gave up and honed my six-word memoirs to such a fine point that I decided to try for the six-word race report. I wrote my memoirs, then I ghost-wrote the memoirs of some of the American elite runners who have taken part in the Olympic Trials. Herewith, my six-word efforts:

TK:    Pigtails flying, panting notwithstanding, I PR’ed.

Brian Sell:     I ran away from dental school.

Christian Smith:     The track burn was worth it.

Kara Goucher:     Who said I’ve got no kick?

Jordan Hasay:      Finals now, London in four years.

Aren’t you inspired? If you could describe your last race, or your first race, or your best race, which six words would you use to tell the story? I challenge you to post your own six-word race report, either in the comments here, or on your own blog.  And just so you’re not all looking around in cyberspace saying Huh, who, me?  I am calling you out, bloggers. Sarah, Laura, Julie, Laminator, Dada, Paul, Alejandro, Rob, Andrew, ben and JeremyChia, Amy, SF, Robert, Uptown Girl, Staci, 1Mile, FlyGirl, Mike, Robert, JC, Ryan, Phil, Paul, Candy, Bryan, Kevin et al.: I want to read your six-word race report! And to the rest of you who read this blog and sometimes comment, now is your chance to blow us all away with your eloquence, wit, originality and racing chops. I wanna see those six-word race reports all over the comment section. What else do you all have to do at work all day, anyway?

Here’s the video:

Oh yeah, and my run home from work today was an encouraging return to form. 3.5 miles in 32:19.

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