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Well, it’s Monday, and I have to say this one dawned a little happier for me, knowing I was heading off to the Scales of Truth with a week of consistent training, hydration and smart eating behind me (rather than the week prior, when I’d come off of a week front-loaded with running and back-loaded with margaritas and cake. Talk about junk in your trunk!). In fact, I woke up convinced I’d be back under 140, since my dress fit me differently, read (less clingy).

How much does a banana weigh? Because maybe that large banana that I ate at 11 AM is what tipped the scales to 140.25 at 12:30 PM today. A loser, but not quite the big loser I’d hoped to be. In any event, I still feel healthier and lighter than I did last week. I am totally ok with losing a pound a week, I have more than four marathon-training months to get down 13 more pounds.

I have to say, though, this morning during my morning run, when I was still thinking my lucky numbers would be 1-3-8, I took at trip down memory lane with my four favorite pairs of “skinny jeans,” all of which I still own.  I admit it: I was dreaming of a reunion. Here are their stories, in descending order, by weight.

135-138 lbs: ANN TAYLOR LOFT “Slim & Straight” JEANS — I bought these as a reward when my weight dropped down below 138 last year, in February, and actually had to get the waist taken in (that’s what I get for being curvy). I love their dark stain, yellow stiching, and back pockets. I was wearing them at my company’s March 2007 sales conference when the the CFO (who is a super-fast runner himself) asked me, “did you lose weight when you trained for Phoenix?”

130-135 lbs: THE LIMITED PINSTRIPE SLACKS — purchased as an emergency wardrobe enhancement during a different sales conference, these slacks make my legs look long (I have to wear them with at least 3″ heels) and the pinstripes can be dressed up or down. I currently have them hanging in front of my mirror for motivation.

128-131 lbs: H&M SKINNY BLACK PANTS– even though they’re stretchy, they’re not that forgiving as they are also very huggy. When I can fit into these pants and not look tasteless, I know I’m at my best weight. Full disclosure: I haven’t fit into them since 2005, when I was running 2 fast miles every single morning and existing on dinners of white wine and mixed nuts. What is it about women that compels us to keep a $25 pair of pants that are too small??

128 lbs and below: GLO “Juniors” JEANS, SIZE 7 — a gift from my cousin in 2001 (who was the sales rep for Glo jeans at the time), they were too small when I got them and I have only wore them once: two days before my wedding in January 2002. The chances of me ever fitting into these jeans again is (no pun intended) slim, and even if I did fit into them, I’d never wear them in public because they were so trendy in 2001 that now they are just simply atrocious. Huge bell bottoms, a double-buckle in the front, no back pockets (all three being bad ideas for those of us with prominent arses, swoopy hips and sticky-out tummies). Why do I cling to memories of these halcyon skinny jeans? For the same reason I got married, for the same reason I work in publishing, for the same reason I dream of qualifying for Boston: the value and tradition of the instituion!

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