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I’m Not Normally a Ditz. Really!

baltimore half teeTook the train down to Baltimore Friday morning, and was checked into the Renaissance Hotel and walking over to the Expo by 2 PM. Went through packet pick-up and the expo zip-zip (the race tee is super-cute; this is the first time I’ll be using one of those D-tags instead of a Champion Chip), then was headed up North Charles Street to visit Dan for a few hours. Dan, as regular readers of Pigtails Flying will know, is my friend in whose honor I am running the Baltimore Half-Marathon, as the culmination of my fundraising for Team Fox (part of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research). CB turned up sometime after four, and soon after that Dan’s wife got home from work. We all sat around chatting about the race, Loyola College, the Booker Prize and Indian food. Around 6 PM I started to get antsy and nervous, wanting to begin my night-before rituals. It’s a good thing I didn’t stick around for that Indian dinner… 

Back at the hotel, I immediately arranged my outfit and gear, all in a row, so that I wouldn’t have to root around for anything in the morning. This is when I realized I had NEGLECTED TO PACK A SPORTS BRA.* You must understand, I always go a little “bridezilla” the evening before big races. Being away from home and out of my usual routine certainly doesn’ thelp matters. And of all things to have forgotten–it’s not like I’m a 34B, people. I can’t just buy my sports bras in a store. I have to order them special from Title9 so I can be sure my girls are held in place as firmly as possible. Uh, yeah—”bridezilla?” How about a full-on-shouting-out-loud-cussing-as-professional-sport-with-heavy-doses-of-self-recrimination episode? I did this for about fifteen minutes, alone, in my hotel room, like a crazy person. It’s possible I also tweeted about it. I knew I had no option: I had to return to the Expo. Of course I didn’t find anything that fit me, but I did find a serviceable option. In what seemed a conciliatory gesture from the race ready?gods, it cost only $15. Back to the hotel I trudged again, exhausted and starving, having walked now a total of three miles in an Indian Summer heat on a day I was supposed to have stayed off my feet. Only slightly calmer than before I had bought a bra, I finally could order take-out pasta, finish painting “for Dan” on the back of my singlet in Wite-Out, attach my D-tag, pin on my bib number and pack the pockets of my shorts with Hammer Gels, extra hair ties and lip balm. 

*(How did I forget to pack my sports bra? I think it’s because I left the packing till 6:30 AM Friday morning; I hate packing and always push it till the last possible moment. There you have it: hastiness masquerading as ditziness.)

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