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This morning I started my 30-day running streak. I don’t think I’m interested in continuing it past 30 days, since I do love my rest days. However, I think this is a great way to get back into the habit of running after 8 days off since the London Marathon, and also it’s kind of hard for me to turn away from a direct challenge (thanks-or, maybe on June 2nd no thanks–to Jim.) Joining me in this streak is Kate from Texas, my favorite alpaca-lover and ultramarathoning woman. (One day I am going to visit her and I will feel very short.) Anyway, I’ve already sorted out that the way to make this streak work is that three out of seven days will be very short runs–just once around the Sunnyside Loop, or about 2.2 miles. Considering that about halfway through the streak I’m going to start running doubles in preparation for the Green Mountain Relay, those 2.2-milers could quickly become my favorite workouts of the week.

I promised you that when I got home I would post photos from my last run before the London Marathon. Here they are, images of my route along the Thames Path.

I had dinner here years ago with Mom & TC.

An old pier, behind it St. Paul's Cathedral & cranes indicating construction

Tate Modern, Thames Path

Shakespeare's The Globe Theater

Thames Path Diversion -- amazing signage!

More amazing diversion signage, with clear directions!

London Eye, last bit of the run.

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