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I walked out of the house this morning and welcomed the chill in the air. I had a steaming mug of coffee in my hand, to sip during the drive to meet BG for a 5-mile trail run around the lake at Tobyhanna State Park. It was windy, but the trees around our house protected us from the worst of the buffeting. (Last night, the lights kept flickering as the wind tore at the power lines.) I didn’t realize how chilly it was, though, until I arrived at the park, pulled in next to BG, and saw the whitecaps on the lake. Then I noticed my car’s monitor said 35°F! Luckily BG had an extra tech pullover I could wear, since I had showed up in just shorts and a tee.

Once we had run past the parking lot we were protected from the wind’s full bluster by the trees which lined the trail, or the “green tunnel” as BG poetically called it. The trail is very well manicured so I didn’t have to maneuver around big rocks or divots. We leapt over branches that had fallen due to wind, and at one point I tripped over a root, but for me tripping is pretty much par for the course. (Ooh golf metaphor.) I was worried that an uneven trail surface would tax my stabilizing muscles (Betty being one of them) and I’d have have to forgo running the trail in the future, but in fact the softer surface felt great on my legs. I am relieved, and have decided that I found a new route to run up here. Can’t wait to come back in the summer and tear it up.

It was great to run with BG again, who is about to undergo surgery on his shoulder again. He ran Boston this year for the fourth time, and is hoping to recovery from his operation quickly enough to train for a BQ this Fall. Good luck, BG–and I know we’ll run together some more this spring and summer.

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