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Am I the only lapsed Catholic who still eats like a pig on Easter? It’s my favorite culinary holiday… My Two Matts sent me wine-related links over the past 24 hours. Digger sent me a red wine rec, and Dump Runner sent me this article with the note, “Hope you don’t mind. I thought of you.” I prefer to think he thought of me as clever, not a problem drinker… Something that’s occupied my thoughts during my runs lately has been sorting out possible answers to the question, What will I do with myself now that I won’t have a marathon to train for until June 2011? The endless array of options get me very excited (what’s that expression? Variety is spicy?). One that was recently suggested: a 100-day running streak! Ooh I love it, what are the rules? At least a mile a day? Must develop this idea further… The first bit of my morning was spent in a flurry of calling up alternates for my Green Mountain Relay team. I got four out of five vacated spots filled, one with this fabulous woman. Auspiciously, today is her birthday… Foot Locker opened its first store solely dedicated to runners, RUN by Foot Locker. Right off Union Square on 14th Street, it looks pretty good to me, though it’s got some stiff competition from Jack Rabbit, Urban Athletics, NY Running Company, and others… The track in Central Park will be dedicated to Alberto Arroyo, the Mayor of Central Park, on Monday April 12 at 6:30 PM at the south pump entrance to the track. It is open to the public if anyone wishes to attend, and there will be a plaque unveiled…  Robyn was a GMR teammate last year, but this year she can’t run with us as she is traveling around the globe and writing about her runs in exotic locales in a newspaper column. Lucky us she’s also posting it on her blog… Look at this, after making their GPS-enabled watches as sophisticated as possible, Garmin has dialed it back and is unveiling the Forerunner 110 at the Boston Marathon Expo in a couple of weeks… I once nurtured a small, short-lived dream of moving to San Francisco. Usually, I am sure I was right to abandon that dream but every so often a bit of evidence will surface and scratch at my nostalgia. Ah, The Loneliness… When I clicked open the email alert for “The Best Free Running Event of the Year” my heart left to my throat and I started clapping and laughing in giddy delight. I am going to run the London Marathon!!!! People, it is GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!… Here’s a photo of Abdi Abdirahman speaking to a crowd at the expo for the NYC Half-Marathon. I forgot to post this last month… A week ago, I met a cookbook author who has run many marathons over the years, and who maintains her practice even now as she enters her mid-60’s. She told me about this symmetrical delight, I’m very tempted to sign up myself just for the “perfect 10” of it all… A few months ago the very nice folks at Topricin sent me a bunch of samples, which sat in my drawer until several weeks ago when Betty flared up. Well, I keep forgetting to mention it here but truly, the anti-inflammatory pain relief cream worked its magic on my angry Betty. The pain would keep me up at night, but the Topricin numbed the pesky adductor brevis enough that I could sleep and work without distraction during the two weeks I was recovering. I recommend it not as a cure but as a tool for temporary relief… and lastly, I feel compelled to once again point out how my professional life (publishing) and passion project (running, duh) intersect. An author I’ve worked with tells the tale of how he came to writing from his first career as an FBI agent:

I completed my first novel in 13 weeks. Prior to that, I had run a marathon and trained for that for 13 weeks, so I thought, [writing a novel] is like training for a marathon. During those weeks, I wrote 5,000 words a week–600 words each night and 2,000 words on the weekends.

Yeah, but what I really wanna know is: how many miles was he running when he trained for the marathon?…

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