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Precision is not a relative term. In fact, it’s imprecise when people describe something as “so precise” or “very precise,” since precision is about being exactly one thing, not about degrees of exactitude.

Today’s intervals were not precise. However, if I were less precise in my use of the word precise, I would be tempted to say they were precise enough.

This, of course, is a fallacy. The precise description of this morning’s workout would be: My intervals were on the mark, give or take three seconds.

I ran my 8 x 400 workout at the blue track that belongs to Pocono Mountain West High School. Coach wanted me to complete each split in 1:52, which is my target 3k pace. This is the first time I have ever attempted a track workout by myself–in the past I had always believed I was unable to find a pace and lock into it (since I have had such terrible luck with tempo runs). After a 2-mile warmup, I greeted the oval and started my workout.

I was halfway around my first split when I heard the bleachers on the front straightaway getting pelted with a hard rain. Pingpingping! But, in one of those odd weather SNAFUs, I wasn’t getting rained upon! I knew it was only a matter of time…for a few laps I ran in and out of the rain, but then there was no escape. It was the Media Challenge Race all over again. I was the rain’s bitch, getting soaked as I timed myself for 16 laps around. My sneakers were like sodden sponges, my pigtails slapped my neck like little whips, and the rain occasionally slanted at me and pricked my face like nettles. Reminder: water can be sharp.

Being the only nutter out on the track this fine Sunday morning, I was free to give myself audible pep talks after each split. OK TK, only seven left! Or, Just because you’re getting tired doesn’t mean you can slow down. I was pleasantly surprised to realize it wasn’t hard to lock into an approximate 1:52 pace for each interval. This was a huge boost to my confidence, the first proof I’ve ever had that I can do a track workout on my own. Kind of crazy, since I’ve been running for ten years. I’ve always been a late bloomer, though. Now I’m just grateful for the knowledge I can do it!

Here are my splits (assume a 400-meter recovery lap taking between 2:45 and 3 minutes): 1:49, 1:51, 1:49, 1:53, 1:50, 1:54, 1:49, 1:45. On that last one, I gave myself permission to push as hard as I could. I took it as a sign that I’d done the workout correctly since I wasn’t markedly faster than my second-fastest interval. My legs were fatigued for the seventh and eighth interval, but they didn’t feel like lead. Again, a sign that I’d done it right.

Afterwards, I took my soaked self and went to the grocery store for some last-minute supplies for tonight’s barbecue. We runners are like that, aren’t we? Kind of crazy, and kind of lacking in self-consciousness when it comes to post-run presentation in public settings. It wouldn’t be very precise of me to say I wasn’t proud of myself, drip-drying in the baking supplies aisle, for having laid down eight close-enough splits in the middle of a thunderstorm. Here’s another audible pep talk: Nice job, TK!

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