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There are few sensual pleasures as pleasantly uncomfortable as that slight chill a runner feels when she steps outside on an autumn morning for her workout. The air slides crisp and cool off my skin, and if I stand around for longer than it takes Little G to locate a satellite I’d start to get cold. I’m underdressed for the weather but not for my workout.

I got a new pair of Brooks Adrenalines last week, so they glow up at me in their unsullied whiteness. I’m out so early, the sun won’t rise until I’m just about done with my run. 30 minutes, with three 30-second pickups in the middle there. I got this.

As has been typical of my early morning runs this entire year, my legs feel heavy and my body still sleepy. The emotional strain of my divorce has basically entirely passed, but my body’s need for more sleep than ever before has not.

I’ve been running this new route from my new home here in Woodside. I head up Skillman, jot down 56th Street to Woodside Avenue, and run two blocks to 58th Street where I hang a left. I run all the way down to 39th Avenue, where I go right and take that into Jackson Heights. It’s a great out and back course, as 34th Avenue is a gorgeous straight shot of small yards, cute houses, and stately brick apartment buildings. Nearly everything seems nicely landscaped, including the tree-filled median that divides the avenue. For an element of the marvellous, the route passes a couple of stores with their own parking lots (exotic birds in this city).

My Sunnyside loop route is still the same, but just with a different start/end point, and I run the same way over the bridge, except it’s now 6 miles roundtrip instead of 5 (home from work is now 4 miles instead of 3.5). I notice that my body is still tuned to my old subway stop: when the 7 train pulls into the 40th Street/Lowry stop, I always look up from my reading for a bittersweet reminder of my was. Most likely, the moment my body resets itself to 52nd Street/Roosevelt Avenue will pass by unnoticed, which is a shame because it will be a remarkable shift.

I plugged my pickups into my run once I’d turned around. In 30 seconds I could just about run two blocks, or .07 of a mile. They felt good, apart from Betty whining at me a little. Those damn high heels I wore yesterday were a bad idea as my legs recover from Saturday’s half-marathon. As I approach the turn back onto 58th Street, I realize the slight tinge of humidity in the air has me sweating, and decide that feels good, too. Even though I’m slower now than I was this time last year, I know it’s because my divorce pounds are weighing me down, and because I don’t have the same kind of training beneath me that I had in 2010. No shame in that, however; I know that when I have that shift in my running I’ll notice it right away, and that will be plain old sweet.

3.48 miles run in 34:52 minutes, average pace 10:10. 3 x 30 second pickups, split paces: 7:21, 7:18, 7:04.



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